Tuesday, February 14th 2012

Create a Complete Sencha Touch 2 Application in Just Minutes

Utilizing new tools to maximize productivity on Sencha Touch 2

One of the biggest barriers to entry for Sencha Touch 2 development is the configuration that has to be done for each new project. Once you’ve mastered the process, it seems easy, but there is certainly some work involved. With each new project, you need to add in the boilerplate files, configure compass and sass for your stylesheets, ensure that you have the path correct to the SDK, and ensure that your webserver has access to both your project and the SDK files. In this demo, I will create a complete Sencha Touch 2 application in 5 minutes - and demonstrate the power of the new open source project: ST2 Power Tools.

To view the complete output of the command line (from the generator), visit this Gist.

Where to Go From Here

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