Angular Plus Podcast - Upleveling Cloud Skills

By David Tucker June 29, 2022

I had a great time chatting with the crew on the Angular Plus Podcast about up-leveling your cloud skills.

Pluralsight Links

I referred to several Pluralsight courses on the podcast. You can find links to those below:

The Coffee Table

In addition to discussing cloud concepts, I also somehow ended up on the topic of woodworking. I referred to the coffee table I built here for my home. You can checkout the pictures below to see the process of going from unfinished to finished. As mentioned, I am no woodworking expert, but that is part of the reason I do it.

Coffee table before finishing
Coffee table before finishing

I ended up paiting the lower part and the drawers white. I used a General Finishes gel stain on the top of the table.

Coffee table after finishing
Coffee table after finishing (paint and stain)