JavaScript Fundamentals Links

By David Tucker March 1, 2023

This post contains all of the links that I referecned in my JavaScript Fundamentals course on Pluralsight. I hope you have enjoyed the course. Please let me know of any feedback that you have.

Module 2 - Getting Started with JavaScript

In this initial content module, I walk learners through foundational information as well as how to get their machine setup for the course.


Module 3 - Syntax, Variables, and Data Types

This module will dive into the specifics around basic JavaScript syntax as well as variables with their respective data types.


Module 4 - Data Type Conversion

This module will expand on the previous discussion by discussion type conversion between data types. This will include a review of dynamic typing and how that can have unintended consequences.


Module 5 - Conditional Logic and Control Flow

This module will enable the user to common operators and control flow.


Module 6 - Collections and Loops

This module will introduce most of the native collection types as well as for and while loops. This module will not yet introduce the functional approaches for manipulating collections, as that will be covered when functions are discussed.


Module 7 - Functions

While functions have been briefly addressed earlier in the course, this course will dive into function declarations, function expressions, and arrow functions. This clip will also deal with the concept of recursion. It also will revisit collections as we look at how arrays can be searched and manipulated using functions.


Module 8 - Asynchronous JavaScript and Error Handling

This module will explain the difference between synchronous and asynchronous programming while discussing and demonstrating the three most common ways to deal with async code in JavaScript: callbacks, promises (direct), and promises (async/await).


Module 9 - Modules

This module will discuss JavaScript modules. There will be a focus on both CommonJS modules as well as ES modules, given that users will likely see both. It will also cover a basic introduction to npm along with a discussion of the role of package managers.


Module 10 - Code Formatting and Testing

This final module will introduce concepts that learners need to be familiar with: testing and formatting. Unit testing will only be introduced (not implemented). Code formatting and linting will be discussed with eslint.