My Video Studio Setup for 2022

By David Tucker September 15, 2022

I regularly use my video studio for Pluralsight courses, recurring video episodes for shows I contribute to, and for video presentations I record for my clients. Let me show you what I use.

For those of you looking for the presentation deck from Pluralsight Author Summit, you can find it at the following link: Author Summit Presentation

Single-Person Shoots

One of the things that is unique about my setup is that I try to make everything self-service. It is my goal to record whatever I need without having to bring anyone else in to assist. This has driven the equipment that I have chosen.


I recently switched to the Sony A1 as my primary camera. I utilize 24-70mm G Master lens. In addition, I use a Tiffin Pro Mist filter on the lens to soften the overall image.


I utilize two primary lights. I actuall have a dual key light setup to combat the shadows that come from my glasses. Each of these are Amaran 100D's with the Mini Light Dome II. In addition, I have a handful of accent light, primarily the Aputure MC4, which provides four portable lights along with a handy charging case.

Since all of these lights use Sidus Link, I can use a single app to adjust all lighting. This allows me to adjust lighting while watching the monitor I have attached to the camera.

Monitor & Teleprompter

I utilize the Atomos Ninja Flame monitor to provide me a view into the camera output. I have used this as a recorder, but I don't generally use it for this at the moment. I don't believe that this particular model is still available, but you can find similar ones from Atomos.

I also utilize an iPad-based teleprompter. The company that made my teleprompter is no longer around, but there are some good options that you can review.


I'll provide a full video overview of this studio in the near future. I want to give you a behind the scenes look at what it looks like to record one of the series that I contribute to.